After my ectopic in 2015, I pretty much stopped TTC...I went on birth control pills for the 1st time ever and times I ran out,I ensured we used a condom..The trauma from the ectopic and the near-death experience was just too much...It didn't help that my doctor had said an ectopic pregnancy increases the chance of another....This meant that a future pregnancy will need to be investigated early to ensure it was in the right place; the Uterus!!!
Every time I googled ectopic pregnancies or checked Forums for women who had experienced ectopics, it was the same story of a higher chance of an ectopic due to a past one....Some women stated they had experienced 2 or more ectopic pregnancies...Some stated they had miscarriages and molar pregnancies after their ectopic.

I just couldn't believe pregnancy could be this hard...As a kid as soon as I hit puberty, I was told to stay away from boys as I could get pregnant and become a mum at a young age...There was no warning that pregnancies might not be full term or any warnings or possible pregnancy loses....It seemed a pregnancy meant a baby was guaranteed....!!

Now after getting married, I was thrown into reality of life...When i had my first pregnancy, I assumed eating right, no smoking or drinking with my daily dose of folic acid ensured my pregnancy will be perfect...How wrong I was!!!
I learnt quickly about ectopic pregnancies and what they meant...and from numerous blogs, I have now learnt about molar pregnancies which happens when tissue that normally becomes a foetus instead becomes an abnormal growth in your uterus. ... They are thought to be caused by a problem with the genetic information of an egg or sperm....

I have also learnt about Chemical pregnancy which is
actually early miscarriage, which takes place before anything can be seen on an ultrasound scan – usually around the fifth week that you are pregnant. It means that a sperm has fertilized your egg, but later on, the egg fails to survive.....
After spending so much time of Google and Forums for past losses, I decided to just focus on healing and my marriage and just spend time with my nieces and nephews..I spent time volunteering at orphanages and spent time with kids who just wanted love...I also went on a few vacations with my husband, my siblings and friends...Soon enough, I felt much better, I went back to the gym and actually lost some weight....
In 2016, my DH and I decided to try to conceive again...and in February we decided to give it a go...In early march, I remember visiting an orphanage and playing with the kids in the sun...We were jumping up and down and singing..I went in one of the rooms to have some water and realized i was feeling so dizzy...I thought oh the heat was getting to me...and decided to stay in doors...Few days after that i noticed some slight spotting and wondered why my period was coming so early...but the spotting only lasted a few hours and stopped...
My DH and I had decided to go away for Easter so I was looking forward to the time away in Europe...I went to a gathering with friends and was served butterscotch soup and I remember the smell made me want to be sick and I decided not to have any....I should have known something was up...When i finally went away on vacation, I decided to take a pregnancy test and

DH: Darling Husband
TTC: Trying to Conceive

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