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My Story: I am a Survivor :-)

I n many cultures like the Nigerian one, having a baby is the next thing on the "to do list" right after getting married. I remember during my wedding early this year many of the prayer points centered around guests coming back to celebrate with us during the naming ceremonies of our baby in 9months time...I gladly said Amen in 99 folds...Anyone that knows me knows I love kids and always pray for twins every chance I get...Even when I was a little girl, I would run after female beggars carrying twins having heard that if I gave them money, I would have a better chance of having twins.....If only I knew what I know now!!! Few months before my wedding, after I announced I was engaged, many friends and even some family members will engage me to tell me of the benefits of getting pregnant before the wedding. Some said 'Lie down well for your husband you can get pregnant now and that will put your mind at rest when you get married...(Yes, many