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Late Period & Pregnancy Hope

Missing a menstrual period, especially if you always had regular menstrual periods, is a significant event for most women especially women trying to conceive (TTC).... The first question you usually ask yourself is:  "Am I pregnant because I missed my period?" I found myself in this situation few months ago.... I was away on holiday with siblings........and I realised my period was late.. Taking out a notebook, I noted down all the symptoms:  * Sore Breasts:  Check * Cramps : Check * Late Period : Check * Headaches:  Check * Increased Sense of Smell:  Check * Increased Appetite:  Check * Exhaustion : Check * Nausea:  Check As I looked at my long list of symptoms, I almost rushed out to buy some baby clothes... ****I must be pregnant**** I thought to myself...and as usual, I started to sing to my unborn child(ren).... Many times, I would sit down and daydream.. ....Morning sickness, My belly getting bigger....My clothes getting smaller and me needin