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Sally's Story of An Ectopic Pregnancy

      Sally: Ectopic Pregnancy I had just returned from a funeral of a close family friend and had been particularly busy. I got up in the morning and was going to work as normal. While driving I began to suffer some cramping. My period was due so I put it down to that. I got to work and felt nauseas and dizzy so went to the bathroom where I was sick. My first thought was food poisoning. My colleagues took one look at me and said I was off to the local medical centre. My boss drove me there and I was seen straight away and lucky enough to be examined by a doctor who suspected immediately what was going on. They had me in an ambulance and we were off to hospital as soon as my husband came. They had called him in from a meeting he was having in the middle of the asparagus paddock with some of his staff. Here he was, in overalls and work boots! We talked the whole way to hospital, still not realising the urgency of the situation. Arriving there it was all go. My

Morning After Pill Shown to Increase Chances of Ectopic Pregnancy

Women, Infertility and the Society....

I just finished watching another Nigerian movie where a married couple (Bayo and Nike) were having trouble conceiving. Barely a year after getting married, nosey friends and family members were already wondering why she wasn't pregnant yet. Are you eating vegetables? Are you having sex during ovulation? You have gained weight, are you expecting? Questions came from every corner and no one seemed to care if the questions were inappropriate or not. Fast forward to 24months after the wedding and people stopped asking questions and instead went ahead to utter mean comments to Nike. She must have been promiscuous when she was younger, perhaps she had aborted all her children...As a result, Nike soon became withdrawn and avoided family events... The final straw was when Bayo's mum came to visit them from the village and brought along a young girl for her son....She claimed the girl was from a good home and would be able to conceive quickly. After all, she w