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7 Moms Look Back on Their Infertility Struggles

I loved this  article  and  felt  I had to  share  on my blog.......I feel hopeful when i  hear success stories of other women that were trying to conceive. It gives me hope and reminds me that my challenges can and will also end with a  success story. I especially love when I hear of celebs talking about their fertility struggles...This creates awareness and gets people talking about this reality...Hopefully someday, infertility will no longer be taboo.... !!! Getty Images We asked several women who got pregnant after infertility what they took away from the experience, and what they wish others knew. Here's what they had to say. LINDSEY MURRAY   October 15, 2015 Earlier this week, Chrissy Teigen announced on Instagram that she and husband, John Legend, are expecting their first child. (Yipee!) The announcement was extra special given that it came very soon after Teigen spoke out about her struggle with infertility, which she said spanned years.