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What Not To Say to A Woman TTC

For the past few days, I have been doing a series on my instagram page @beyondmyectopic about Infertility Awareness and the things not to say to a woman trying to conceive (TTC)..... In Nigeria, it appears some people feel they have a right to speak without pausing or considering the impact their words will have on the person receiving it....People have opinions about everyone....From the single ladies to single mothers to women who have gained weight to women trying to loose weight...But I think the people who receive the worst treatment and words are women trying to conceive.....And what makes it even worse is that the people that make these mean statements are actually women ....They should know better right??? You see, barrenness /inability to have kids quickly after getting married is seen as a taboo of some sort ...Granted, more couples are dealing with infertility now...But people still expect a woman to have a baby soon after getting married...It is not uncommon t

2019...NewYear Hopes and Resolutions....

First of all, thank Heavens I made it to 2019....I am so thankful for my life and for that of my loved ones...🙏I had an amazing time during the holidays with DH, Mum, Siblings and my nieces & nephews...Lots of eating and drinking and partying...Lets just say I gained a whole lot of weight and it is starting to show in my outfits and pictures.....Argghhhh.....🙈🙈🙈 2019: I have so much hope for this year and plans....Hope that by the end of this year, I have got my rainbow babies or very close .....I just celebrated my 4th year Wedding Anniversary...and in Nigerian culture (and perhaps others too) thats a long time to be married without kids....Have heard the whispers...and some of the whispers have turned to constant family members and friends...Now you would think I would be thankful for these constant prayers by 3rd parties right?...Not quite!!!! This is because the prayers sound more like pressure....You can almost hear their annoyance at the fac