Out Goes the Comfort Eating and In Comes the Exercise

Last week, I was spending time with my lovely 4 year old niece and we watched videos of when she was a baby and how she cried so much...even videos of her first walk and she was intrigued and laughed so loud...We were having such a good time until I started viewing pictures of myself carrying her just couple of years back and noticed I was so slim...Even pictures of myself earlier this year just before my wedding were great....and I never even made a conscious effort to exercise back then…!!!
Few days after, I proceeded to weigh myself and couldn't believe the numbers...I was sure the scale was broken...I went into another room and checked another scale..!! I took off all clothing and still the scale gave me crazy high numbers...I knew I was in trouble...How the hell did this happen? AHHH I would be damned if I became one of those married women that became way too fat after getting married while their husbands stayed at a healthy weight or those that became haters of all other slim ladies….ARRGHHHH

How did I get here..I wondered out loud…I suddenly realized my eating habits had changed drastically since I had my ectopic pregnancy earlier this year http://www.myectopicandbeyond.com/2015/09/my-story-i-am-survivor.html
I ate any time of food I liked and at any time…I ate even as late at 10pm without regard for what I was eating and the impact on my body….Food had become my best friend and it seemed to always help when I felt bad!!!

It is easy to find comfort in food and I knew I had to also start praying for strength to get over my loss…. And to have less dependency on food …

The truth is my clothes had stopped fitting properly and I have lots of clothes that didn’t fit anymore…My arms feel so fat and jiggled awkwardly when i moved...…My BMI gave me a result of being overweight and close to Obesity…I knew this was a problem even more importantly for anyone TTC as an unhealthy weight can hinder the ability to get pregnant….

I took out my diary and noted my current weight and desired weight and decided I would start exercising right away…At dinner time, I told my DH of the plan to exercise daily at 5am..and he laughed and said sweetie that could be hard..How would you wake up so early to get to the gym??? 
AHHHHH Naysayer was all I needed to push me to work hard and I told him he should watch me do it…But 5am in the morning could be hard o...but I was determined...

So here we go as I work daily to achieve my goal….God help me….!!!!!


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