End of Week 1

 This week went by pretty fast...Been to the gym 3ce this week...I could have done much better but really am glad i made it there considering I haven't been there in years...
Got on the scale today and nothing has changed since the beginning of the week...Can't believe i thought this was going to be easy....!!!
I found myself eating lots of food after work out so that has to change next week...
Went to the grocery store..picked up some fruits, oatmeal, some salad, lots of chicken...Figured i need to stock my fridge with healthy foods, that way when i feel the urge to eat, i can grab a healthy meal....But that doesn't take care of Take out meals....Hmmmm
My DH has been cheering me up though..which is good...I met up with some friends this week and they commented on how chubby i had become...Marriage must be treating me good..one of my friends said...I knew that was a sarcastic statement...considering this was coming from my single friend with one of the best bodies ever....And to make things worse...when she ordered lunch, she only got a salad stating her need to loose some weight as the reason....OUCH!!!! I am definitely going to the gym 7days next week....Am determined...!!!!


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