NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS. ...Weight..Ivf / Natural. ?

Christmas was great hanging with family and friends...Had my niece's and nephews visit me and totally loved it....Cooked a big Christmas lunch with Turkey and the full works....! Was so proud of myself..I must say thanks to pinterest and Google....Both rock! !!! 

So after Christmas, DH and I went to first time there....I must say I was definitely sold...The malls were amazing (of cos I went shopping )...the tourist attractions were lovely...the desert excursions and Newyears eve parties went so on point....Unfortunately, there was a fire downtown at a major hotel...😠......!!! The fireworks show still went on which was welcomed by all the tourists who had come from new and afar. ....!!!! 

The interesting  thing about Dubai is that there were so many Nigerians  visiting and it almost seemed like I was in Nigeria.....!!! I saw fellow Nigerians in the malls, hotels and it just seemed like a memo has been sent out for Nigerians to come to Dubai in Christmas. ...I found out later Nigerians frequent Dubai all year round and Christmas time was no exception. ...

So Newyears celebration was wonderful...came back to Nigeria on the 2nd and went spending time with family members and calling around to wish everyone  well....

Of course Newyear resolutions are part of the rituals.....Get to a healthier weight (which reminds me that I haven't blogged about my weight loss in a long while....πŸ˜†that's because I haven't really kept to my weight loss plans)....Anyways it's a new year and I do plan to do much better this year. back to my resolutions this year. ..
Weight loss
Healthy eating 
Better at work and self development 
IVF consultations...
PGD consultations (pre genetic diagnosis) be discussed later....
Better money management
Pray more...Bible reading. .....

Okay am gonna stop here and see how well I do in 1month and go on from there....

What about you guys??? What are your resolutions. ..??? Baby dust to us all.....😊


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