Why IVF....?

After the removal of my left tube, my doctor did advise fertility  will be reduced. He did mention some people state the possibility of the one fallopian tube crossing over to capture eggs released from either ovary. Still there was a chance fertility  could be reduced by as much as 30%.
DH and I had discussed IVF and the pros and Cons of it. The side effects and stress from the hormone injections was all over the internet and the whole procedure looked daunting. Perhaps we could try the natural way for a few months and if there was no success, we could proceed to IVF,,,,,,,,!!! 

We went for consultations with potential clinics in Nigeria and the UK.  Let me just say I had a terrible experience in both countries. In Nigeria the clinic tested for STDs and all was fine. That was until I volunteered for a Pap test.....I received a call many days later asking me to visit the clinic for the test results. I knew some thing was wrong when they refused to give the results over the phone. I ran to there immediately and the doctor gave me the bad news that I had HPV!!!...I argued and stated all my previous Pap test had been good and I didn't have any new partners. I was given the whole story of how it can be dormant and didn't necessarily mean it would result in cervical cancer....How could this have happened. ..? I got home and discussed with my DH and we both figured it may have been from the blood transfusion  I had after my surgery (now I am not sure if this is possible )......

I went for a end opinion in the UK a few days later and my app test result was fine and no HPV. I did a repeat test and still negative. I was so relieved and yet angry at the previous clinic .....How had they given me the positive result?.

I chose to visit a fertility clinic in the UK and went to a top rated clinic in Harley Street and the experience there was awful. I had a nurse that was insensitive a d clearly shouldn't have been working there..,I felt more like a number and not a person....I left the clinic quickly but ensured I let them have a few choice words of mine before I exited the building 😊

After visiting 2 clinic in 2 different countries with no way forward yet, I knew I had to do more research and figure out where to go....Mind you the clinics I visited previously were both highly rated on Dr Google......

Oh well...back to the drawing board. ...Questions linger on...Should I do IVF or NOT???


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