End of Week 3 Update

So I have not kept up with my diary and I didn't go to the gym in the 2nd week...However, my eating habits changed and I no longer have late night dinners...Fast forward to week 3, i went back to the gym and spent an 1 hr on the treadmill...I was going to make up for the week lost :-)....

I planned to do some weights as well, but after the 1hr on the treadmill, it was definitely time to go back home...Something prompted me to check my weight on the scale and lo and behold, I had lost 2KG!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe myself..I got off and tried my 2nd scale and still the same thing...Yayyyyy I was so elated...Geez i guess the work out (even if little) and less food sure does make a difference..

Went to my closet and tried on some of 'those' jeans and dresses and it didn't fit yet but i could definitely see I was getting closer...
Went to the GYM for the rest of the week...Perhaps this Christmas, I would be a dress size smaller...Wouldn't that be a FANTASTIC Christmas present to myself??????

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