Late Period & Pregnancy Hope

Missing a menstrual period, especially if you always had regular menstrual periods, is a significant event for most women especially women trying to conceive (TTC)....
The first question you usually ask yourself is: 

"Am I pregnant because I missed my period?"

I found myself in this situation few months ago....

I was away on holiday with siblings........and I realised my period was late..

Taking out a notebook, I noted down all the symptoms: 

* Sore Breasts: Check
* Cramps: Check
* Late Period: Check
* Headaches: Check
* Increased Sense of Smell: Check
* Increased Appetite: Check
* Exhaustion: Check
* Nausea: Check

As I looked at my long list of symptoms, I almost rushed out to buy some baby clothes...

****I must be pregnant**** I thought to myself...and as usual, I started to sing to my unborn child(ren)....

Many times, I would sit down and daydream..

....Morning sickness, My belly getting bigger....My clothes getting smaller and me needing to shop for maternity clothes, shopping for baby toys...

I was happy and in a mood of constant high....

In spite of my joy, I decided not to test until it was at least a week late..This to me will be a sure way to know that  was truly pregnant....I started to watch what I ate,...I ate more fruits, i stopped taking my hormone supplements for low AMH and took only the prenatal vitamins..I was expectant and excited!!!

I didn't say anything to anyone  as I wanted to be cautious and previous experiences of disappointment kept me from talking....(That is one of the many results of infertility...., It makes you very cautious) ...

Finally, a week after, I was still expecting my period and of course I knew it was time to test...I must be pregnant !!!....
I took out the digital pregnancy test I had purchased...I figured I should test just to be able to have a confirmation....!!!!

I opened up the test and proceeded to pee on the test....and when I looked down at the pee to ensure I had the right angle, lo and behold was the infamous AF!!!! How cruel???? I couldn't believe my luck!!!!......


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